Lifted Trucks For Sale

If you're shopping for a lifted truck for sale, you came to the right place!  Conversions For Sale has one of the largest selection of lifted trucks for sale from multiple dealers.  Whether you prefer Ford, Chevy, GMC, Ram, or Toyota, we've got you covered.  We also feature brand new lifted trucks for sale.  That's right, you can buy a brand new lifted Ford, Chevy, GMC, Ram, or Toyota truck right from a franchised dealer.  Many of our new lifted truck listings are from authorized manufacture upfitters, however we do have new lifted trucks that have dealer modifications done.

Some of the upfitter names you'll see are:  Rocky Ridge, SCA Performance (Southern Comfort), Tuscany, and ALC (American Luxury Coach).  These companies have modifying vehicles for decades!  All vehicles modified by an authorized upfitter come with a warranty that mirrors the factory warranty that normally would be voided by the vehicle changes.


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