About Conversions For Sale

The Problem

Conversions For Sale's Founder, David DeSantis first realized that there was a huge problem with the new lifted truck market while working as the Internet Manager for an auto dealership.  The lack of consumer awareness of not only the products but the existence of the market, in general, was a recurring issue.  There was no place online for dealers to market these specialty vehicles, and allow the dealer to separate themselves from the thousand plus other dealers that just stock new trucks.  In addition, due to dealer marketing territory restrictions, dealers are not allowed to promote outside their assigned territory.

The Solution

With the launch of newliftedtrucks.com, it will allow Conversions For Sale to focus specifically on promoting the new lifted truck market where we believe there's massive growth potential of the market once the consumer awareness level is increased.  In 2018, the total addressable market as vehicles sold as "new lifted" was over 3.4M units.  We project the growth of vehicles being sold as "new lifted" to 5-7% of the total addressable market.

What others are saying about Conversions For Sale's Founder

"I have had the pleasure of knowing, and doing business with, David and Conversions For Sale for several years...David is a true expert on the upfit and lifted truck business.  He knows both the business and the customers searching them out." - John Broderick, GM Burlington Chevy

Email Excerpt:

" I’ve thought a good bit about our conversation since we talked a few weeks back.  You certainly understand our market better than most, and understand the challenges of our business model as it relates to building awareness for the new lifted truck segment, informing the customers why a lifted truck from SCA, Rocky Ridge, Tuscany and Roush is better than the alternative non warranties / poor quality lift trucks, and simplifying the product availability research / buying process for the consumer.  Building a solid solution to these challenges will improve retail sales turn, re-order speed, and dealer satisfaction, and OEM satisfaction with the up-fitters. "...." After we’ve had an opportunity to exchange some emails and chat on the phone, I believe you are 100% on the right track in pinpointing the challenges that our business model faces and coming up with a viable plan to address those challenges. " - Michael McSweeney, CEO SCA Peformance